Is Radiant In Floor Heating a Good Option

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Some homes hold in the heat better than others. This is a fact. Floor heating can be an excellent option for you if you have poor efficiency with your current heating system, need a lower monthly electric bill, and would like a cozy home during the winter months.

Many heaters that work by a thermostat never turn off during the winter months. This is because they are not efficient enough to provide enough heat to reach the desired temperature and keep that temperature. They run continuously. This has a lot to do with the type of heat provided by this type of heat source also. When you install radiant floor heating you can be sure that it is efficient because the heat transfer is not like what you would find in an electric or a gas solution. Heat usually rises and lingers at the ceiling of a room which can be frustrating and costly. Radiant floor heating does a heat transfer to objects in the room that are cold and areas that need warmth. This type of heat transfer makes the entire room warm because it is evenly distributed and doesn’t provide just one area a cozy place to be. If you have one centralized place that is the only cozy place in the home during the winter months you might consider this type of heat source this winter.

If your electric bills are difficult to afford during the winter months because of a poor heating solution then you should think about something else that is energy efficient. A gas solution won’t be more affordable for you either. Many people switch to gas and find the cost to fill the propane is hundreds of dollars, which equals out to about the same as their electric bills.

A cozy home is the ultimate goal when it comes to the winter months. The only way to provide this properly is by installing radiant in floor heating to your home. You can walk around barefoot without freezing your feet and be very comfy all throughout the winter months this year. Your home will be warm and comfortable.

Benefits of Radiant Flooring

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There are many benefits of radiant flooring that you might consider if you are looking for some type of heat source for a new construction. Radiant heating is a new heat source that is becoming very popular.

Radiant flooring has been around in Europe for many years. This type of heat source is installed beneath the surface of the floor and it can be installed inside or even below concrete walkways and driveways. This heating solution is unique in a way like no other because the heat that radiates from the floor finds the coldest areas first to provide warmth too. These areas may be objects in the room too. You might have a vinyl or leather couch that is freezing in the winter. The radiant flooring will ensure that it is nice and cozy when you use it.

Radiant flooring is very efficient and it takes very little time for a room to become warm and cozy. As a matter of fact, this type of heating solution only takes half the amount of time it would take for a fireplace or electric heater to provide comfort. The comfort levels are different with electric push air solutions because it is more consistent. Radiant heating provides heat throughout the entire area and there is never a cold spot in the room. Electric push air heaters always have a cold spot and most people in the home might be fighting for the warm place to get cozy. The warmth is evenly distributed so everything is cozy, including the entire floor.

The great thing about floor heating is that it is very cost effective in the long run because you save money in many ways. You will have very low electric bills because this solution doesn’t work hard to maintain a temperature in the room. It can bring the room to the desired temperature quickly and it is easy for the temperature to remain at that level also. You can claim this type of heating solution on your taxes and get a better return and you don’t have to hire someone to come out to install, maintain, or even repair it when it breaks.

Choosing Radiant Floor Heating Systems

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If you are thinking about choosing floor heating systems you are making a wise decision. This is because they are very easy to put in side of your home, you can set up different zones, and your home will be extremely comfortable and cozy during the winter months.

Radiant floor heating systems sound technical and difficult to install. The truth is that they are the easiest type of heat source to install, besides a portable electric heater that you plug into the wall. Radiant systems can be installed beneath tile floors, wood floors, and even carpeting anywhere in your home. All you have to do is pull up the current flooring and lay the heat source underneath it. Some people choose to hire a professional if they have expensive wood floors. It is up to you but very easy to install. Most people are surprised that they were able to put their own heating system in on their own.

If you have two different areas of the home that you spend the most time in but they are located in different areas of the home they can use the same radiant floor heating systems. You only need one system and you can have different rooms on the other side of the home if you like. You can set them up as a zone in your home. If you would like to, you can add additional zones to the system later. Some people purchase this type of heating solution slowly, one room at a time. You can expand the system any way you like by doing the kitchen and the basement first and then later adding your bathroom and bedroom.

The great thing about radiant floor heating systems is that your home will be extremely comfortable during the winter months from now on. This is the best benefit and you will really appreciate not freezing your feet when you get up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water. You might even find that the floor is so warm you end up snuggled up on the floor to take a nap because it is so cozy.

Saving on Radiant Floor Heat Cost

There are many ways that you save on radiant floor heat cost when you install a heating solution like this in your home. These ways include through tax benefits, lower monthly bills, and absorbing the cost of the heating solution.

Floor heat cost might seem high to some people at approximately $5 per square foot for some systems. However, this is rather cheap when you think about the savings that you will incur over the many years. The biggest savings that you can enjoy right away is when you go to file your taxes for the next year. Because you have installed an energy efficient solution in your home you can write it off as a tax benefit. There is a federal credit that will allow you to get a refund for some of the money you spent to install this option. This will help you get some of the money back.

In addition to saving in taxes with the floor heating cost you will notice in your monthly bill that you are immediately absorbing the cost. This is because this type of heating method heats the room and home so much quicker that you use far less energy to heat the home. The system doesn’t work half as hard as an electric or gas solution and it is fabulous. Absorbing the cost of the solution will happen so quickly and it will surprise you.

Absorbing the cost of this heating solution is done in many ways. The great thing about the radiant floor heat cost is that it is a one time fee to purchase and you can install it on your own. You don’t have to buy wood to keep it going or pellets to feed through. There is no yearly maintenance fees and it is very easy to repair if it should fail for any reason. You can save so much money from this method of heating and you will be much more comfortable in a heated floor home. Never again will you have to worry about stepping out of bed onto an ice cold surface when you wake up.

Should You Install Radiant Floor Heating

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There are many signs that might tell you it is time to install floor heating in your home. These might be high electric bills in the winter, an uncomfortable home, lack of efficiency with the heat source you currently use, and more.

If you have really high electric bills during the winter months you might consider the option to install radiant floor heating. You don’t have to put in a new floor to have this type of heat source installed in your home. Many people think they are stuck with the heating option they have when they buy a home. This is not the case. It is very easy to put in a radiant heating solution in your home. It would surprise you. Electric bills are often outrageous for many people because their homes may not be properly insulated or their heat source is just not that efficient. The great thing about radiant heating is that it is the most reliable and efficient method of heating you can provide in your home. It works quickly by warming an area which means that it doesn’t work as hard as a traditional electric heat source. Warmth is spread throughout the home evenly and the warmth remains in the home for longer periods of time. This means your electric bills may virtually be cut in half when you use this type of heat source.

An uncomfortable home in the winter is frustrating. You might be one of those people that lies in bed in the morning dreading to touch your feet to the chilling floor. It may be the worst way to start every day. This causes your home to be an uncomfortable place, especially if you have to bundle up in socks and slippers that you don’t like wearing just to avoid the cold flooring. When you install radiant floor heating, your feet will never touch an ice cold floor again because the floors will be warm and comfortable.

If you have high electric bills or you hate having a freezing home in the winter every morning then you might consider the option to install radiant floor heating in your home. This is an excellent idea because it is the most efficient method of heat you can provide to your home and it is the lowest cost. You will absorb the cost of installation after just a few months of electric bills.

In Radiant Floor Heating for Inside or Outside


You can even install it in the basement of your home if you like. This is becoming a new trend because of the efficiency, energy savings and ease of installation.

The interior of your home can use in floor heating if you would like a cheaper solution to heating your home during the winter months. Some people choose rooms that they spend the most time in to provide this heating option. You can change your mind anytime and even expand the system to more rooms if you like. You are never limited with a radiant floor because more rooms can be added whenever you would like to add them. The heating is controlled through a thermostat that you can program to work at certain times of day if you like too.

The basement of a home is usually the coldest, especially if you live in the mountains. Most people avoid their basements in the winter and spend the most time down there in the summer because it is the coolest area of the home. It can be the coziest area of the home when you install in radiant floor heating. This type of heat source can be installed beneath carpeting, tile and even wood floors. You don’t have to worry that it won’t fit beneath the surface of your flooring.

If you have a tricky driveway to get out of in the winter months and you often find you are stuck in the snow or spend far too much time shoveling then you might consider in radiant floor heating beneath the driveway too. Concrete is cheap and so is this type of heated driveway. You can be sure that every time it snows you will never have to pick up a shovel again. All you will have to do is turn on the thermostat and watch the flakes of snow melt as they hit the surface of the driveway. There is no reason to strain your back by shoveling or pay a lot of money for someone to come and plow when you can absorb the cost by providing a more convenient solution like in radiant floor heating outside. This also works well with your walk ways around the house and doorway.

Benefits of In Floor Radiant Heat for the Driveway

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If you live somewhere you get a lot of snow and ice it may be a problem for you just getting out of the driveway. Many people that live in the mountains that have a steep driveway often find they are snowed in at some point in time during the winter months. When you install an in floor radiant heat system under the concrete of your driveway you will never have this problem again.

The great thing about an in floor radiant heat driveway option is that they are very easy to install. This type of system is low cost and will not break you at the bank. If you pay a lot of money for people to come and plow your driveway during the winter months or if you spend many hours shoveling then you will absorb the costs of this type of system quickly. If you miss work because you are snowed in then it will be well worth it not to have to use your vacation or sick pay because you are snowed in and cannot come in to work.

The snow and ice can be frustrating. More people get stuck in their own driveways than they do on other streets. This is common because so many driveways in the mountains are steep and curvy. It is common for the snow to turn to ice quickly and cause a vehicle to get stuck. There is nothing like the frustration of being stuck in your own driveway. When you install an in floor radiant heat in your driveway you will find that you will never have this problem ever again.

An in floor radiant heat system with the driveway will warm up quickly. All you have to do is turn the system on when it begins to snow. You can watch the snow melt as it falls on the driveway. You will never have snow, sleet, or ice build up again in your path to get to work from your home. Your driveway will never need to be plowed or shoveled again either. This is a big benefit knowing that you will make it out of the driveway and to work on time when the snow falls hard during the winter months this year.

Saving Money with In Floor Heating Systems

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You can save money by installation costs, maintenance costs, repairs, heating and electric bill, and much more.

The cost of heating a home today can be quite expensive. Most people are looking for the most cost effective way to heat their home that is energy efficient so they can have a lower electric bill and use less energy. Whether you are going green or you just want to have a lower monthly heating cost, in floor heating will provide both of these benefits. This is because when heat is distributed in a home with this type of heating it remains in the home for a longer period of time. Plus, it takes less time for a room to become the desired temperature with this type of heating option rather than with gas or electric heating.

In floor heating systems do not need to be maintained at all. There is nothing that you need to do to them to make them work or provide yearly maintenance. This type of heating is perfect because it only needs to be installed and ran. There is no money you need to spend to provide maintenance. There isn’t a filter to replace, pellets to add, wood to burn, or anything else.

Another thing to consider with in floor heating systems is that you save money on the installation. You can install this type of heating solution on your own if you want to. It is very easy to set up and you don’t have to pay a contractor to come to your home. Even if you did pay someone you won’t have to pay them to tear open the walls to install vents for an electric heater. This is much cheaper to install and it is quick. The labor costs alone are next to nothing because it is such a quick installation.

Repairs on an electric or gas heater can be extremely expensive. If you use a wood burning or pellet stove in your home then you might find that it is expensive too. Not only do you have to pay for wood or pellets for them to burn but you also may pay a large cost if the stoves fail. Pellet stoves are the worst because it is common for the feeder to malfunction and they are not cheap to fix. Repairing in floor heating systems is easy to do and you can usually do it yourself.

Reasons to Install a Heating Radiant Floor


There are many reasons you might consider installing heating floor systems in your home. These include the expandability, the ease of installation, and no maintenance.

A heating radiant floor is very simple to install. This type of heating solution can be installed beneath a carpet, tile, and even wood flooring. You don’t have to worry about having problems installing it and you don’t have to hire a professional to install it for you. This is a big benefit and it will save you money. Radiant heating can also be installed quickly. Flooring is the easiest to bring up to put a heating system underneath it unlike installing a wood burning stove that requires heat panels, vents through the roof, and much more.

Heating floor systems do not require any maintenance at all. You do not need to do anything with them when they are not in use during the summer months. All you need to do is turn them on with the programmable thermostat when you are ready to use them and they will provide instant warmth to your home. If the heat source does need repair the good news is that they are much easier to repair than any other type of heating system that you can have installed in your home.

You can install heating radiant floor solutions in just one room in your house if you want to. You might only be able to afford to do one room at a time. You can use the system with just one room installed. You can expand the same system and make it bigger by adding new zones to it any time you would like to. The expandability is a big factor and one benefit that most people really appreciate.

There are many reasons that you might consider installing heating radiant floor options in your home and eliminating the electrical heaters that you have right now. If you find that you have a large electric bill in the winter then the heated floors may be the best option. In addition, they are easy to install, they require no maintenance, are easy to repair, and can be expanded.

Heat Flooring Inside the Home


Finding ways to provide warmth in the home can be frustrating because most people want an efficient way to provide warmth in the most cost effective method possible.

Heat flooring uses much less energy than an electric solution or even a gas driven floor heating system. This is because heat flooring works to send the heat evenly throughout the room and works to find the coldest areas first to provide warmth too. The warmth will linger in the room longer because the heat provided doesn’t rise to the ceiling as it does with a conventional wood burning stove or electric heat. Your electric bill is cheaper because the heat flooring doesn’t have to work as hard to distribute heat and maintain the heat in the home.

Because you have a lower electric bill for your heating costs you will find that you can absorb the costs of the heat flooring quickly and only after a couple of winter months. In addition, there is nothing like having the comfort of a warm floor when you get out of bed in the morning. If you are one of those people that hate getting up in the morning because of the chilling frozen floor awaiting your bare feet then you will absolutely love the comfort of a warm floor when you wake up. No one wants to be shocked into waking up in the morning because it is so cold.

Floor heat is comforting also. Not only does the floor maintain a warmth but this type of heating solution even warms the furniture. Your favorite chair that always seems so cold to sit in during the winter will now have warmth transferred to it from the floor. It may seem unreal but it really works. This type of heating system locates cold objects and transfers heat to the objects too.

Floor heating is entirely safe. You cannot hear a heater running in the floor as you could the vents blowing in the wall the warm air. You may have to turn up the television to be able to hear over the heater. When you have a heater in the floor you don’t have any problems with noise.