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What is Stamped Concrete?

Posted by Mike Watson on Sep 2, 2009

When people hear the term stamped concrete they think of a symbol or lettering in the concrete. This is the general idea that comes to someone’s mind. However stamped concrete is not this at all. This type of concrete is not your ordinary solution for a sidewalk, walkway, driveway, countertop, or even [...]

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Is Radiant In Floor Heating a Good Option

Posted by Mike Watson on Sep 1, 2009

Some homes hold in the heat better than others. This is a fact. Floor heating can be an excellent option for you if you have poor efficiency with your current heating system, need a lower monthly electric bill, and would like a cozy home during the winter months.
Many heaters that work by [...]

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Benefits of Radiant Flooring

Posted by Mike Watson on Aug 31, 2009

There are many benefits of radiant flooring that you might consider if you are looking for some type of heat source for a new construction. Radiant heating is a new heat source that is becoming very popular.
Radiant flooring has been around in Europe for many years. This type of heat source [...]

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Choosing Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Posted by Mike Watson on Aug 28, 2009

If you are thinking about choosing floor heating systems you are making a wise decision. This is because they are very easy to put in side of your home, you can set up different zones, and your home will be extremely comfortable and cozy during the winter months.
Radiant floor heating [...]

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Saving on Radiant Floor Heat Cost

Posted by Mike Watson on Aug 27, 2009

There are many ways that you save on radiant floor heat cost when you install a heating solution like this in your home. These ways include through tax benefits, lower monthly bills, and absorbing the cost of the heating solution.
Floor heat cost might seem high to some people at approximately $5 per [...]

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Choosing Pump Up Sprayers for Concrete

Posted by Mike Watson on Aug 26, 2009

Sprayers for concrete are designed for the different things that you are going to put in them. Always choose the right sprayer so you can perform the proper job.
It is critical that you choose the right type of pump up sprayers when you are coloring or sealing concrete if you want to [...]

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Post Tensioning Concrete Slabs

Posted by Mike Watson on Aug 25, 2009

Post tensioning is the standard method of making concrete slabs today because of the strength and durability it provides. The building industry usually requires this method with any type of slab because of the assurance that the concrete will not fall apart. Here are a few things you should know about [...]

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Concrete Patio Designs

Posted by Mike Watson on Aug 24, 2009

Concrete is the best solution for a patio because it will not be ruined by the pool, it is more durable, and it will maintain a nicer look for a longer period of time.
Patio designs are fun to work with and a blast to install. You might have found the most [...]

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Reasons to Use Concrete Landscape Curbing

Posted by Mike Watson on Aug 21, 2009

There are many reasons that you might consider concrete landscape curbing options around the exterior of your home if you were thinking of using wood. These reasons include avoiding nasty critters, longevity, and appeal.
Concrete landscape curbing can be etched, stamped, and stained to provide the most elegant look you have ever [...]

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Should You Install Radiant Floor Heating

Posted by Mike Watson on Aug 20, 2009

There are many signs that might tell you it is time to install floor heating in your home. These might be high electric bills in the winter, an uncomfortable home, lack of efficiency with the heat source you currently use, and more.
If you have really high electric bills during the winter months you [...]

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