Frequently Asked Questions

When you insist on Pavingstones with  ArmorTec, you’re guaranteed a superior maintenance-free alternative to traditional pavement—more cost-effective, more durable, more aesthetically pleasing and ultimately more economical than poured concrete, asphalt or brick.

Can Concrete Pavers be Installed Anywhere Instead of Asphalt or Poured Concrete?


  • Choose Concrete Pavers With The Value-Added ArmorTec Surface For Any Paving Project.
  • An Interlocking Concrete Pavers System Will Instantly Improve Your Home’s Appearance And Increase Its Value.
  • With Dozens Of Shapes And Colors To Choose From, Design Possibilities For Driveways, Walkways, Patios, Pool Decks, Sunrooms And Other Areas Are Endless.

How do Concrete Pavers Hold-Up Compared to Asphalt and Poured Concrete?


  • Concrete Pavers Stand-Up To Whatever Mother Nature Deals Out—Snow, Ice & Floods.
  • Concrete Pavers Won’t Even Fade Under Summer’s Harsh Sun.
  • Unlike Asphalt, They Are Maintenance-Free Without The Need For Messy Sealers.
  • Save Time & Money Season After Season.

What Makes Concrete Pavers so Strong and Resilent?

They Are Made Of High-Density Concrete.

  • Concrete Pavers Are Twice As Strong As And Less Absorbent Than Poured Concrete.
  • Surface Stains On Patios And Driveways Are Minimized.
  • Damage From De-Icing Salts And Snowplows Is Eliminated.
  • The Mortarless, Flexible, Interlocking System Won’t Crack Or Heave As A Result Of Ground Movement.
  • Ugly Patches Are A Thing Of The Past.

Can the Armortek Surface Come Off?

No that will not happen.

  • The ArmorTec Surface And The Paver Are In Fact, One.
  • ArmorTec, Also Referred To As “Hardfacing,” Has Been Field-Proven For Over 30 Years In Europe, Where Pavingstone Technology Originated And Continues To Evolve.

Will Concrete Pavers Fade?


  • What You See After Time In Pavingstones Without ArmorTec, Are The Natural Stones In The Paver Revealing Themselves On The Surface Due To Wear.
  • With The ArmorTec Surface, You Can Be Sure That The Beautiful Pure-Pigment Shades Of Your Pavement Will Be Preserved Forever.

Can Concrete Pavers be Instaleed Over Existing Pavement?

  • Concrete Pavers Can Be Used As An Overlay Over Existing Concrete Patios And Walkways As Well As Asphalt Driveways.
  • Costs Incurred For Removal And Disposal Of Existing Asphalt Or Concrete Are Therefore Eliminated.
  • See ICPI Insights For More Details.

Are Concrete Pavers Slippery?

  • Concrete Pavers Surpass The Standards For Slip-Resistance Set By The Americans With Disabilities Act.
  • Concrete Pavers With The ArmorTec Technologically-Advanced Surface Provide Even More Durability And Skid-Resistance Than Ordinary Pavers.