Concrete Patio Stones

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Also known as flags as well as slabs, concrete patio stones are normally flat square and rectangular blocks made of pressed concrete. Concrete patio stones are available in many sizes and some of the most popular sizes are 60 x 60 cm, 60 x 75 cm and 60 x 90 cm with 5 cm thickness.

These concrete patio floor designs are well known and they have become the popular choice of most homeowners and builders. In earlier times, concrete patio stones were available only in grey or black colors and they were slightly expensive and only the wealthy people used to install them. However, today, several designs of concrete patio pavers are available in a wide array of colors and they have become quite affordable. If you are looking to add some glamour and elegance to your home or to the garden then installing concrete patio can be a wise option.

Concrete patio pavers are often installed as a small pavement from your house to the garden or to the road through the gate of your house. There are also many advantages for using concrete patio stones. Concrete patio pavers are usually inexpensive and they can be blended with many other hard capes. Moreover, as they are available in numerous designs and colors you could find out the one that suits the design your home and the garden.

Concrete patio stones are also very easy to install and they last for a long period of time as they are very strong. Buying concrete patio stones have become quite easy we for example offer many information and the possibility to know our services and online contact. The introduction of Internet has enabled you to get a wide range of benefits and you are now able to purchase many products by just sitting at your home.

We offer you to choose your desired model from a whole new range of designer concrete patio stones. Designer concrete patio stones are very beautiful and are unique in texture and design. Many designer concrete patio stones are available that imitate the natural look of stone and bricks. You may think that designer concrete patio must be expensive but it is wrong and they can easily come under your budget. You could also improve the look of the concrete patio stones by following some simple steps while installing it in the pavement. You should choose a concrete patio stone of different color other than the traditional cement color. Beige tones as well as grays look really nice when they are installed in a thin pavement.

You could hire a professional contractor and our company provides the best market prices. If you are thinking to install it without any help from a contractor then just consider the following simple steps to get the patio stones installed in a right way, although is highly recommended to contract one expert.

  • Mark the projected area and excavate it to around 12-15 cm
  • Fill the excavated area to about 10 cm by granular
  • Compress the granular by using vibrating plate tamper
  • Add 3cm of bedding sand at the base to get a smooth surface
  • Start installing with 1-2 rows of concrete patio stones and continue till you achieve your desired pattern