Reasons to Install Concrete Floor Heat

Concrete Floor Heat

If you have a high heating bill or you are looking for ways to save then you might consider concrete floor heat as your solution. Heating solutions under concrete is very useful and it provides benefits such as low energy costs, comfort, clean air, and it is quiet.

Concrete floor heat is just another way that you can heat your home while using low energy solutions. This type of heating provides an excellent way to heat any room with concrete flooring inside of the home and it doesn’t use as much energy as an electric heating solution or the cost to burn wood. You can do your part by using less energy and saving the earth when you use a system like radiant floor heating.

Many people install concrete on their floors because of the beauty that is can provide at such a low cost. Concrete can look almost exactly like marble when it is stained in such a way. The only negative factor is that it can be extremely cold in the winter. When you install concrete floor heat you have total comfort because in the winter the flooring will be cozy to walk on rather than chilling to the bone. You won’t be required to walk around in slippers either.

Healthy air is what concrete floor heat is all about when you install it inside of a home. Many people that use wood burning stoves or a fireplace cannot escape the fumes that come into the home from their fires. No matter how far away you are from the heat source you will still be breathing in some of the fumes. Radiant heat under concrete maintains a healthy atmosphere without emitting carbon monoxide into the air because nothing is burning. The entire home can be warm and healthy at the same time.

Another factor about concrete floor heat is that you cannot hear when it turns on and off. When an electric heat source is on in the home it may be loud and hard to hear over. You might need to turn up the television to hear over the heater. Fireplaces and stoves also make loud crackling noises when burning. A radiant floor system under concrete is silent and you cannot hear the heat source at all.