Things to Look for in Concrete Curbing Equipment

Concrete Curb

If you are looking for concrete curbing equipment for installation of curbs the best equipment will have many features that will provide the job done right.  The most important features you should look for include back and forward, brakes, cabling, lighted, and more.

When lying concrete curbing it is important to use the right equipment.  This will ensure that the curbs are durable and built to last.  The worst curbing is when the concrete must be reinstalled or repaired within 6 months to a year of installing it, with only weathering providing the damage.

Concrete curbing has to be installed carefully.  The equipment that you need to use should have the capabilities of moving forward and backward.  You may need to go back and forth on the curb several times before you have it right. It is not common to be able to lay a curb perfect the first time.  If you don’t have reverse on the machinery then you will have to drive around and continue to go over the curb.  Reverse is very convenient.  Brakes come on most machinery to lay concrete but be sure that the machine you choose includes them.

A cable system is extremely important because if you choose to lay concrete curbing without cabling then you will have problems with the durability of the concrete.  They might crumble and fall apart without the cabling.  You cannot lay concrete and go back later and lay the cabling either.  Cabling is one of the most important features when you choose a machine to help you with laying concrete.

If you choose a machine to lay concrete curbing you also want to be sure that it includes all ½ trowels.  This will ensure the curbs are properly sized and up to the city code.  Most city codes are at ½ trowels and it could be a problem if you lay the wrong size.  Verify this when you look at a machine to lay curbing around your neighborhood or city streets.

When choosing equipment for concrete curbing it is important to choose machinery that is right for you but that will also lay the standard curbs required by the city.  If you want to have curbs that are a little different then you may need to talk to the city planner.  In most cases, the city owns the curb.