What is Stamped Concrete?

stamped concrete

When people hear the term stamped concrete they think of a symbol or lettering in the concrete. This is the general idea that comes to someone’s mind. However stamped concrete is not this at all. This type of concrete is not your ordinary solution for a sidewalk, walkway, driveway, countertop, or even interior of your home.

When concrete is stamped it is actually etched with a design on it. It is not exactly stamped with something but instead designs are made with saws and different tools. Concrete is tough so a special saw is commonly used to put the design on the slab or piece.

People stamp designs on concrete today to make it look like tile or even some sort of marble. Concrete can hold a color well, which many people have no idea about the things you can do with this type of material. You can draw your own design and give it to the concrete contractor or you can choose from patterns that the contractor is skilled with using. The great thing about stamped concrete is that you can make it unique and different than any other patio or concrete slab you have ever seen. If you want your family name engraved, this can happen too.

Stamped concrete can be colored using many different types of stains. People can choose from different variations of colors. When concrete is colored it can look almost like marble or granite after it takes the color. People love this look and feel of concrete and it is very classy.

Stamped concrete is a very popular choice all around the home today on the inside of the house and the exterior for landscaping. You can completely change the look and feel of any part of the home when you install decorative concrete. The durability of this material is the strongest than you will find of any building material on the shelves today. Contractors love it because of how nice it looks when they are done, the strength, and the longevity. Concrete lasts much longer than any material because it is not subject to wear and tear from weathering and other issues.

Choosing Pump Up Sprayers for Concrete

concrete sprayer

Sprayers for concrete are designed for the different things that you are going to put in them. Always choose the right sprayer so you can perform the proper job.

It is critical that you choose the right type of pump up sprayers when you are coloring or sealing concrete if you want to ensure you get the best results possible. If you are using an acid based stain then the sprayer will actually have an affixed label that identifies it as a sprayer for ‘acid’ right on the front. This type of sprayer is specifically designed to be acid resistant and it has a seal. The tips on this sprayer will not become corroded after use when they come in contact with the muriatic and hydrochloric acid.

If you are using acetone or alcohol based stains then you also should look for a sprayer designed for these types of pump up sprayers. The best thing that you can do is verify with the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer of the sprayer of which types of products can be used with the sprayer. It would be devastating to use the wrong product and destroy the sprayer or achieve results other than what you desired with the concrete.

The tips that are used on pump up sprayers are also a consideration. You might need to buy a new tip to spray the chemicals or stain that you are using. The red tips allow for using less volume of stain. It is supposed to be sprayed in a conical pattern. Red tips also are designed for acid stains. Grey tips add much more volume to the stain when it is sprayed on the concrete. They are used typically for things like sealers. You do not want to use a grey tip for an acid based stain.

When choosing pump up sprayers you need to pay close attention to what you are buying, especially if you have already chosen the stain you are going to use on your concrete. Make sure the stain and the sprayer match, along with the tip.

Post Tensioning Concrete Slabs

concrete slabs

Post tensioning is the standard method of making concrete slabs today because of the strength and durability it provides. The building industry usually requires this method with any type of slab because of the assurance that the concrete will not fall apart. Here are a few things you should know about post tensioning.

Post tensioning uses cables inside of the concrete to provide strength in a slab. This ensures that the concrete will remain together longer and have less chances of crumbling or breaking apart. The advantage to using post tension cables is that the concrete slabs don’t have to be as thick as traditional slabs. They can be thinner which saves money in concrete and the time it takes for the slab to cure.

The primary reason to use post tensioning in concrete slabs is that concrete is extremely strong when compressed but very weak with tension. Without the cables, concrete is prone to cracking or bending. This occurs because the earth beneath concrete is soft from moisture and usually sinks and becomes unstable. When this occurs it can cause the concrete to bend and break in half. Expansive soil is the most common type of soil that causes structural damage to homes that have not been built with a post tensioning foundation. Today, builders are required by code to post tension a foundation to provide structural integrity.

Post tensioning provides a continuous structural integrity of the home because it uses a tight grid of steel cables that work hard to support the concrete slabs. These cables replace the traditional rebar that once was used in concrete. Rebar only worked to hold the slab in tact but it still cracked and had issues. Today, tensioning cables prevent the cracking and crumbling of concrete.
Post tensioning is the standard method of securing concrete slabs today because it ensures the integrity of a foundation, sidewalk, or any other concrete slab. These grid of steel cables are secure enough to provide a secure slab of concrete that will not fall apart and crack. Concrete is built to last when post tensioning is used and it is required with foundations for homes today.

Decorative Concrete Solutions

Decorative Concrete

If you are looking for ways to design your home you might consider decorative concrete for the interior and exterior of your home. You can even choose to do things like tables, countertops, and others with concrete also.

Many people are not aware that you can choose concrete as a solution to decorate their home when they are designing it. The beautiful thing about concrete is that it can be customized to your liking with about every solution that you can think of. Concrete is very versatile. Yes it is used on the streets but you can use it in your home. It may not be best for people with small children but you can add cushioned rugs and other things inside of the home to protect them until they are old enough not to get hurt.

Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete looks absolutely gorgeous as a kitchen or living room floor inside of a home. You can do your countertops with concrete also. Concrete can be stamped with designs to make the material look like marble tiles if you like. You can give concrete any design that you come up with. You can even draw your own design that you would like the concrete to have on any surface. Concrete can be stained to take many different colors for you to choose from. This is an excellent solution for a home because it looks beautiful and no one in your neighborhood will have the same design as you inside of their home.

Decorative concrete is an excellent choice for exterior landscaping solutions if you want to create an amazing exterior of your home also. This is a great way for you to design the backyard patio with something unique and classy. It can have a gloss coating so it has extra shine too. Concrete is the best thing that you can do for landscaping the exterior of your home.

There are so many things that you can do with decorative concrete when it comes to the design of your home. If you want something unique, different and classy then you should choose a concrete solution.

Types of Concrete Stain

Concrete Stain

There are two different types of concrete stain that you might consider if you would like to put in stained concrete inside or outside of your home. These different types include reactive and nonreactive. Concrete is a surface that is perfect for different stains because it is porous. The colors provided by staining concrete are different with the two types.

Concrete of any type can be stained and colored. The good news is that you can stain the current concrete that you have laying outside your backyard for the patio. This means you are not required to lay the concrete all over again. The important factor is that the concrete is not covered with any type of coating like glue, grime, sealers, or curing membranes. This is because if the concrete is covered with something then it may not take the stain properly because it cannot penetrate all of the way. It is a great choice to stain concrete because it can completely change the look and feel of interior or exterior flooring.

Reactive concrete stain reacts. A reactive stain is a chemical stain that is water based acidic solution. It includes metallic salts that cause a reaction with the lime content in concrete. When the reaction occurs, the stain will form a permanent bond with a concrete slab and act as a protectant. This is very useful so the concrete will not chip or peel away.

Concrete Stain

A nonreactive concrete stain is a water based acrylic. This type of stain doesn’t rely on any sort of chemical reaction to cause the concrete to take in any color. This type of stain works by penetrating the surface of the concrete to deposit the pigments inside of the open pores. This is a very popular method of coloring concrete because the choices of color are much broader than you find with chemical stains. A nonreactive concrete stain is much easier to apply to the concrete. However, there is one downside and that is the concrete may vary in color and not look as consistent throughout the application. The color tones of acid concrete stain are usually more in uniform.

Things to Look for in Concrete Curbing Equipment

Concrete Curb

If you are looking for concrete curbing equipment for installation of curbs the best equipment will have many features that will provide the job done right.  The most important features you should look for include back and forward, brakes, cabling, lighted, and more.

When lying concrete curbing it is important to use the right equipment.  This will ensure that the curbs are durable and built to last.  The worst curbing is when the concrete must be reinstalled or repaired within 6 months to a year of installing it, with only weathering providing the damage.

Concrete curbing has to be installed carefully.  The equipment that you need to use should have the capabilities of moving forward and backward.  You may need to go back and forth on the curb several times before you have it right. It is not common to be able to lay a curb perfect the first time.  If you don’t have reverse on the machinery then you will have to drive around and continue to go over the curb.  Reverse is very convenient.  Brakes come on most machinery to lay concrete but be sure that the machine you choose includes them.

A cable system is extremely important because if you choose to lay concrete curbing without cabling then you will have problems with the durability of the concrete.  They might crumble and fall apart without the cabling.  You cannot lay concrete and go back later and lay the cabling either.  Cabling is one of the most important features when you choose a machine to help you with laying concrete.

If you choose a machine to lay concrete curbing you also want to be sure that it includes all ½ trowels.  This will ensure the curbs are properly sized and up to the city code.  Most city codes are at ½ trowels and it could be a problem if you lay the wrong size.  Verify this when you look at a machine to lay curbing around your neighborhood or city streets.

When choosing equipment for concrete curbing it is important to choose machinery that is right for you but that will also lay the standard curbs required by the city.  If you want to have curbs that are a little different then you may need to talk to the city planner.  In most cases, the city owns the curb.

Benefits of Installing Concrete Countertops

Concrete Countertop

There are many benefits of installing concrete countertops you must consider if you are redesigning your kitchen. Countertops made of concrete are durable, affordable, and very attractive.

Today, concrete countertops don’t look or appear as concrete at all. The material of concrete can be stained with colorant so it appears to look as gorgeous as marble. You can have etchings and carvings in the concrete to make it look like tile or have a unique design of your choice. Many people who look at well designed concrete have no idea that is what they are looking at.

Concrete countertops are significantly cheaper than any other type of material you might choose to put on your counters. Many people favor things like marble and granite but they choose a cheaper solution that doesn’t look as nice. If you would like the look of marble or granite but you cannot afford them then you should consider concrete as the solution. This is the best option because of the affordability. Concrete is very low cost. The coloring and designs in the concrete can be customized to your choice which will make your kitchen unique and above all, the most affordable you have ever seen for so much class.

Concrete countertops are extremely durable and you don’t have to worry about a need to replace the counters through the years. Concrete lasts for many years and much longer than most solutions. Concrete is capable of withstanding a lot of abuse and the look will not be damaged as it would with other materials. If you are looking for durability then concrete is the best solution for your kitchen.

Concrete Countertop

If you are redesigning the kitchen and looking for an affordable solution that is very durable then you should consider concrete countertops. You can design them with your own unique style to make your kitchen different from everyone else. You can also be sure that they will not be damaged over the years and they will last for many years to come. The great part about concrete is that it is an extremely affordable solution for anyone.