About Floor Radiant Heating

radiant floor heating

Before you run out and purchase this solution is important to understand a few facts about it. Here are a few tips about radiant heat such as what it is, what it feels like, and how it works.

Floor radiant heating is a heat source that transfers energy naturally to objects that are cold and makes them warm. This type of solution seeks out the colder objects. Instead of the heat rising in the air it starts to warm the coldest objects in the room first, in any direction. This type of heating system is extremely effective for warming cold floors effectively and evenly throughout a room. The most common places that people install floor radiant heating includes underneath carpeted floors, hard wood floors, and tile.

One thing that some people are curious about is what floor radiant heating feels like to the touch or when they walk on the floor. Some of the examples that you might think about include holding a warm mug of coffee or walking on a warm ground. A tiled bathroom or kitchen that is usually freezing to the touch in the early winter mornings will actually be warm and comfortable. The bathroom can actually feel like a warm spa rather than a freezing tile floor. Basements are favored for this type of heating solution because it really creates a warm comfort and it is efficient.

Floor radiant heating works in a very simple way. When you turn on this type of system, electricity will be forced through the material that is conductive. It will create a level of heating that can be controlled through a thermostat. There are many different shapes and sizes to this type of heat solution. They can be used underneath any type of interior floor solution and even underneath concrete to melt the ice and snow on your driveway. This will mean you never have to shovel the driveway again because the snow will melt as it falls and ice will never accumulate.