Differences of Floor Heating Systems and Electric Heating

floor heating

Floor heat systems are becoming extremely popular choices of warmth in a home for many reasons. These reasons include the maintenance, cost savings, and energy efficiency. Electric heating is very different in many ways and you will find that a floor heating system is the best option.

The maintenance required for forced air or a gas system in a home can be costly. You may have to pay hundreds of dollars to have the gas company come to your home for repairs. Gas systems can be dangerous if you have a leak also. Electric heaters are in the walls and the ceiling. It is common for vented systems to require the wall to be removed to get to the vents and repair them. The maintenance for floor heat systems is null. You don’t have to do any monthly or yearly maintenance on the system. If there is a problem you can most likely repair it yourself.

The floor heat systems are expandable. If you would like to create another zone in your home or extend the current system further then you can. In order to add more heat to an electrically heated home it can cost thousands of dollars and they are usually not expandable. You might have to consider adding a wood stove to your home. This is a lot of work and cost quite a bit. Adding another zone of floor heating is simple to do and can be done quickly.

Floor heat systems are also extremely efficient. They are relatively thermal 100% to keep warmth in the home. This makes them an excellent solution. They are perfect for off peak conditions and 100% of the heat is delivered to the heat element. This is serious efficiency and means for a lower electric bill. Forced air systems or gas delivered systems are only 50% to 70% efficient. The energy is not delivered to the heat element and there is not a proper size of capacity for off peak hours.

Floor heat systems are the better option if you are looking for a way to heat your home that is efficient, easy, expandable, and requires very little maintenance.