Beautify You Porch With Stone Patios

Stone Patio

Stone patios are basically portico made out of stone. The stone patios can be used to cover the porch, entrance way or even your back yard. Though the porticos are made out of different kinds of materials, such as brick and tiles but the most widely used are the stone patios. The stone patios offer various benefits, such as they last longer, come in various designs and shapes and give a very classy-urbane look. Stones are preferred because they offer durability and resistance against extreme harsh weather conditions.

If you are also planning to get stone patios, there are a few points which you must be aware about. These may include:

● If you want long-lasting patios, it is highly advisable to go for natural stones which will preserve the patio for even a lifetime. Though there is a wide range of new tiles in the market which resemble the stone but they cannot stand against the harsh weather and ultimately break down. The best part about the stone patios is that they easily merge with the theme thereby giving a sophisticated look.

● When going for a natural stone, you will be spoiled with various choices to choose from, such as lime stone, granite, marble, slate and travertine. You can choose any of them according to your preference and budget. However, the most widely used natural stone is limestone which mostly comes in an earthy color. The unique aspect about using limestones is that sometimes they may even contain a fossil. So watch out for that special design. Another preferred choice is marble which gives a royal and classy look and is available in different textures as well.

Stone Patios

With the introduction of new technology and innovation, you can now even install your very own stone patio. Laying you very own stone patio can be easily performed in a few steps which are listed below-

Step 1: Taking measurements and making a layout plan- This is the first step towards building the stone patio on your own. You should first take the measurements of the space where the stones will be placed. Design a complete layout plan with all the features which you would like to add to it along with deciding the shape. Once you are done with this step do not make any changes in your layout plan as it may lead to spoiling your patio. Take the measurements carefully and with full precision.

Step 2: Since building a stone patio involves dealing with heavy stones and engineering them around the space, therefore you will have to hire a contractor. Hiring a contractor does not mean that you will no longer be working on it. Just that all the technical details, such as excavating the space, using the tools will be preformed by the contractor. The idea and the layout plan have to be yours and implementation will be done by the contractor. Therefore, it is your job to hire the best artisan, and for that you should do a little background check of the performance. You can check references of other customers to get an idea of the job performance.

Step 3: The final construction will automatically take place once you perform the other two steps efficiently. In the phase, you will need to check for the right grade of the stone and sand and also checking the stone patio laying pattern.

Follow these easy steps to create your very own stone patio and add a personal touch to your house.