Paving Stone

Paving Stone

The paving stone is the answer to giving the touch of class to the great outdoors – making driveways and pathways sturdy as well as beautiful.

The best part of shopping for paving stone is that one can go online and view all the various designs, colours and shapes. Most of the paving stone are mortarless and the stones are interlocking. This adds security especially in times of earthquakes when the paving stone moves with the fault lines and thus there are no cracks. The individual paving stone comes in many shapes, sizes and textures – the colours being suitable for any décor.

A paving stone is not only aesthetically appealing and enhances the appeal of the garden landscape and the curb but its strength is treble that of concrete or asphalt. A paving stone never cracks or wears out and it is resistant to skidding. The maintenance cost is minimal, it does not store heat and can withstand seismic undulations without showing cracks. The joints are mortarless and thus there are no grouts that will crack or chip. A paving stone is ideal for cold climes because of the improved ratio between freezing and thawing. Allowing for a modest down time, the paving stone can be used as soon as it is installed. The paving stone can be set either by hand or machine and the price is modest.

Paving Stone

The pavers come are of different textures – smooth but not slippery and slightly coarse for the rustic look. Those with fine texture show up the subtle play of colours and designs.

Most firms give a lifetime warranty for paving stone used for residences.

Concrete on the other hand cracks with the weather and is not proof to earthquakes. The strength of a paving stone is three times more than concrete. These can be easily repaired and hardly requires curing time. Repairs leave no scars unlike concrete. In the case of concrete the choice of colours is limited but with paving stone there is a wide range of customized colour and myriad shapes to suit individual tastes. The non-modular paving stone has the unique ability of spreading the load and tension over wide areas bridging the action between each separate unit This allows it to bear heavy traffic easily without resorting to the reinforcing it with steel as is done with concrete.

The use of paving stone is advantageous to permanently mark parking bays, walking zones for crossing, traffic routes and other areas that need to be identified. With the laying of the paving stone system repair of streets become simplified without requiring shut down of large traffic zones or patchwork ugliness.

If the paving stone system is installed properly then shifting, sinking and buckling does not happen. It is best answer for pathways scheduled for walking, cycling or for heavy traffic like trucks and even fork lifters.

The use of paving stone system is environmental friendly as grass-pavers allow the filtering through of rainwater. The soil below the ground is allowed to drink and breathe. Rainfall is not allowed to run waste.