Which Method of Foundation Repair is best for you?

concrete slab

Before you choose a method for foundation repair you really need to determine what the cause of the distress is. There are two common types of foundation repair which include slabjacking and piering. Both methods are best for different causes.

In order to determine the cause of the damage, you will need to thoroughly examine the moldings, mortar joints in the brick veneer, trim boards, and the windows in low lying areas. In these places you should be able to find clues to the cause. Recent weather conditions should be noted also. If you have had inclement weather that is severely wet or dry it can cause changes or problems with the soil also. This is how you will determine the foundation repair that you will need to use.

One very common method of repairing small slabs of concrete is called slabjacking. The smaller slabs that are sunken concrete almost always use slabjacking. Small slabs are commonly found in residents, sidewalks, driveways, and the decks of swimming pools. When a contractor practices slabjacking he or she will pump cement grout into the holes of a concrete slab. The ground will solidify into a mass that will act as a bearing for the slab. Some contractors will choose to use a soil cement lime grout to stabilize the base, which will restore the slab to proper grade and repair the soil. This will help prevent future occurrences from happening.

When foundation repair consists of larger issues in the concrete then piering is required to fix the problem and stabilize the foundation. Piering is a method used with large commercial buildings or residents where the foundation has shifted. Piering actually lifts and stabilizes the entire foundation. Mechanical jacks are used to lift the beam to grade and held to elevation by a spread footing and a pier. The footing will then be set deep so it is not dependent on the soil and moisture will not cause any further problems.

There are two common types of foundation repair that you might consider which include piering and slabjacking. Before you make a decision on the type of repair you will use it is important to figure out what the cause of the problem is so you can prevent future occurrences.