Features Of Unilock Pavers

unilock pavers

Unilock pavers are increasing in popularity with each passing day. There are several reasons that have lead to increase in the demand of these pavers. One of the biggest advantages is that these pavers are two times stronger than concrete bricks. Unilock pavers are an ideal alternative to get classy and elegant planters, seat wall, curved wall, outdoor kitchen, steps and edging. These pavers can also be utilized in areas requiring extra strength, such as a pool side.

Though the colors of unilock pavers fade a bit by regular washing but the faded color can also give a weathered look to these pavers. You don’t get broken or chipped bricks in the unilock pavers as only unbroken pieces are added in the unilock pavers. It is likely for the weeds to germinate between the brick joints of unilock pavers. But the sand used for joining the stones in unilock pavers restricts the growth of weed in the brick or stone joints. Applying a sealer can also keep the weeds at bay thereby prolonging the life span of unilock pavers.

The structural integrity of the Unilock pavers is provided with a lifetime guarantee by the manufacturers. The USP of these pavers lies in the fact that they outshine the potency of normal pored concrete. One of the most attractive features of these pavers is that they include installation guidelines that can be utilized by the customers so as to install unilock pavers in their residence. The manufacturing company of these pavers can easily replace them in case of any defect or erroneous services/product.

unilock pavers

Those who want to improve the quality of unilock pavers can apply the coat of sealer on the unilock pavers. Primarily, these sealers can restrict the growth and penetration of stain on the surface of unilock pavers. Customers can also enhance the color of unilock pavers by the means of sealer coating. Sealers can make the sand binding stronger at the brick joints in the unilock pavers. Firm binding can avoid occurrence of cracked surface on the unilock pavers and can also restrict the growth of weeds from the surface.

The utility of sealer also lies in the fact that it eliminates the chances of unwanted plant growth on the joints of the bricks used in unilock pavers. One interesting fact regarding unilock pavers is that the unilock collection is now available in classic, Tumbled Paver Stone and designer series. Unilock pavers are available in extensive designs that can suit your commercial or domestic application needs. Consumers can enjoy lifetime guarantee on unilock pavers.

Unilock pavers can give a classic and periodic look to the place where you install them. One of the most alluring features of unilock pavers is that they are now available at affordable rates. Unilock pavers are designed so as to put the users at ease as you need not to use any mortar for applying unilock pavers. These pavers are available in a number of sizes and colors. Some popular colors of unilock pavers include orange, grey, red, blue, green, pink and black.