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Concrete Construction in Florida

If you are thinking about concrete construction in Florida for your exterior flooring needs then you are making an excellent decision. Concrete is the most durable of any flooring solution out there. It can be treated and customized so it looks absolutely amazing in front of your home or even in the basement. There are many different methods to provide decorative surfaces with concrete. Here are a few.

One very popular method of concrete construction Florida is chemical staining. This method uses special stains that work to react with the lime content in concrete. They are formulated specially for concrete to have a chemical reaction. These stains are used to etch and bond colors into the surface of the concrete. The good thing about staining concrete is that old or new concrete can be stained. There is one downside to this method which is that the color results are not always predictable because each slab may have a different amount of lime, texture, weathering, and even exposure to other chemicals. This can mean that one slab might have very rich tones of color that look like granite or marble while others are not so colorful. A very skilled artisan can provide the most beautiful staining of concrete that makes your driveway look like marble.

Scoring is very common with concrete construction Florida also. Scoring is the technique used to etch or make shallow cuts in the concrete to give the look of tiles or geometric designs. A masonry may choose to use circular saws or abrasive masonry blades to make the patterns in the concrete.

Concrete construction Florida can also be colored. Many people favor colored concrete to put in their front walkway or even in the backyard around the patio area. Coloring is easy because the colors will be added to the concrete when the concrete is being mixed. It is hard to mess up the color variations or the amount because of this, which helps provide a more consistent color in every slab. There are some places that you can purchase pre colored concrete so you don’t have to worry about mixing it yourself.