Basement Leak Repair with Negative-Side Sealants


One method of basement leak repair that is very common is the use of negative side sealants.  This might be an option for your problematic leak.  It is usually best to talk to a technician that can help you make a smart decision about the type of leak you have and if negative-side sealants will work for your issue.

Negative-side sealants are protective coatings in the form of waterproof paint or a hydraulic cement.  This sealant is designed specifically for basement leak repair or is also commonly used as a protective measure to prevent leaks.  The inside of the basement wall will be coated with the sealant on any cracks throughout the wall.  This will stop the continuous moisture that seeps through the air in the basement through the cement, walls, and the floors.

One thing to consider when you are thinking about basement leak repair using negative-side sealants is that they only work for a short period of time.  They are good for small cracks or series of cracks but this is not the best option as a permanent solution.  The problem is that sealants stop the water from coming through the cracks but if the water has already made it to the inside of the walls then it means that the water has already passed the foundation of the home.  This means that the problem of having water outside of the foundation is not addressed by using negative-side sealants.  The water puts pressure on the basement walls and it will cause the sealant to begin to peal off the wall and blister.  Eventually, the water will seep through the walls.

If you are looking at basement leak repair options and considering negative-side sealants then this is the best option for a temporary solution until you can use something more permanent.  This should not be used as a permanent solution or you will be required to continue to apply the sealant over and over. Sealants are easy to use and all you have to do is paint them on the surface of the walls that you want to provide protection from water.